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The Jordan Davis Group provides candidates with an unparalleled service based on applying our proven core disciplines.

Karen is the most thorough and professional head-hunter I’ve ever worked with. She spent time outlining the client’s requirements fully and understanding how my skills and experience – and perhaps more importantly, my appetite and motivation matched them

Commercial Director

Respectful Head-Hunting Approach

Our dedicated research team utilises high quality research and specialist networking techniques to ensure we reach out to individuals at the forefront of their market.   We have found proactive contact from JDG is welcomed by the rarest, most highly sought-after candidates because of personal recommendations and our commitment to discretion and respect for contacting only with relevant, exceptional opportunities

Detailed Interview

Our bespoke competency interview written for each specific assignment provides a consistent, accurate reflection of candidate’s skills and competencies directly related to the client brief.

This process enables us to ensure the candidates relevance for the role is clearly defined in our summaries and the candidate’s c.v.  Our reputation for quality driven, intuitive interviews, really listening to our candidate priorities and capabilities, ensures we benefit from constant recommendations.

Honest Ethical Market Advice

The Jordan Davis Group senior team offer more than 50 years combined recruitment experience.  We are continuously updating our market knowledge and can discuss markets, salaries, and possibilities with a broad range of candidates.

Executive Coaching

A significant outcome from our detailed interviews is to gain understanding of our candidate’s capabilities and to provide cv production advice.  This ensures candidates objectives and achievements are appropriately highlighted.  This continues during the interview process and negotiation stages.

Comprehensive knowledge of our client’s opportunities

We take a detailed brief to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of our client opportunities and their relevance for our candidates.  Our interactions are handled with honesty and transparency to ensure the best outcome for our clients and candidates.